Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Has the time come for the White House to welcome a "BLACK" President?

I have been approximately on a five month hiatus, but I decided that my comeback should primarily be focused on what has now gone down as history. Not a day has gone by since late last year, without me hearing the name Barack Obama. He has exceeded many expectations and has conquered the democratic presidential nomination.

Who knew that in 2007 history was in the making? Obama, who is the senator of Illinois, decided to join the presidential election in February 2007. In just three months after his grand announcement, May 2007, he was placed under the Secret Service Protection- the earliest of any other U.S. presidential candidate. Throughout this long journey to the great election, I have heard so many people speak of him in jeopardy of being assassinated. I deeply hope that Sen. Obama and his family, will never have to face any tragic event as such.

Barack Obama has won the primary vote in multiple states: Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, Montana, and many other states. On Super Tuesday, February, 5th, 2008, I had the opportunity to partake in the election. For the very first time I voted. I stood proud behind the closed curtain while casting my vote for Obama. The thought crossed my mind that years ago blacks did not have the privilege of voting and neither did women. But then an even greater thought surfaced: never has a black man been in the presidential election (nor a woman). I was so elated to feel that as a black female i was also involving myself in history.

Months later, Obama has righteously won the Democratic Presidential Election. He had a few setbacks, such as his former Pastor and racial tension, but he has overcame it all. On June, 3rd, 2008 he gave a speech in St. Paul, Minnesota paying tribute to his rival Clinton. Earlier that day Clinton announced her interest in joining Obama's team as a potential vice president.

Ladies and Gentlemen, years from now we will look back at this moment in awe. Although racism is alive in well in America, it seems as though there is a great hope in change and a revolution. Every vote counts, so step up to the plate and cast your vote. On November 4th, 2008 make sure you make it your duty to get out there and vote. I know I will. Let's give America what is desperately needs...and that's Barack Obama as president.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She had a baby too!!

With all the hype surrounding the baby deliveries of Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie, R & B singer Monica has not been acknowledged, as much, for the birth of her second son. Monica, 27, gave birth to a boy on January 8th. Singer Rodney Hill is rumored to be the daddy. Although the baby is still unnamed, his middle name is Montez, the same as Monica's brother. Congratulations Monica.

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Music in '08

With the new year already started, it seems like 2008 is a year of comebacks for music artists. This year we can expect new material from Usher ( you can listen to his new song "dat girl right there" ft. ludacris), Tweet, Nas (although it has not been released yet, controversy has already begun with the album titled Nig*er), Erykah Badu, Ashanti ("Hey Baby" which was suppose to be her first single, didn't get the attention they thought it would, even though i liked it and heard it playing as i was walking out of H&M, has been replaced), Janet Jackson (she also premiered her new video last week called "Feedback," it isn't bad but I'm not a big fan of hers), Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, and the fixed up crack user Whitney Houston (lol).

Also to this list of returners are some of my favorites. We can welcome back Letoya Luckett. I absolutely love her new single, with Slim Thug, Bun B, and Killa Kyleon, called "Swagger". After her hit single 'Torn" and the follow up single "She Don't," Letoya disappeared from the spotlight with a long anticipated comeback.

Brandy will also be returning to the stage. This past year has been a hard one on her definitely, after almost being charged with the death of a driver in an accident in 2006. Luckily all charges were dropped in an recent trial, after drugs possession was found in the car and in the body of the woman that was killed. I'm happy for Brandy and I'm looking forward to her comeback. Hopefully this time around she will get more airplay.

My man John Legend will be back on the scene as well. He is such a unique artist to me. His soulful songs and voice is so appealing to me. I'll be watching out for him.

Nicole Wray also has a new single out. If you don't remember she had a hit single out called "make it hot" with Missy Elliott back in the '90s. She then was featured on Missy's song (and video) "All in my grill" and after slowly disappeared from the music industry. She did return with her video "If i was your girlfriend" but it didn't do as well as expected. Now she is back with her new song "Stand Up." Looking forward to her comeback.

Has anyone heard of TGT?? Well its the new R&B group formed by Tank, Genuine, and Tyrese. This sounds iffy to me. I'll have to see what they are able to bring to the table. I don't see why they have to form a group after they all had their own individual successes. They have two new singles out called "Sex" and "Girlfriend."

Last but not least, my girl Faith Evans will be back. Her new single is called "Maybe." After her last album, The First Lady, i am extremely excited to hear her new material.

2008 seems like its going to be a year full of exciting music. Can't wait to hear all of these artists.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

14 Days!

Eddie Murphy celebrated New Year's Day by marrying Tracey Edmunds. Just 14 days into the marriage they have decided to divorce! Imagine 14 days of marriage and then you call it quits. Obviously they could not have meant their vows "til death do us part" because apparently they are still breathing and are signing the divorce papers. What could have went wrong in just two weeks? I am completely puzzled. It was said that they had complications while on their honeymoon and they had irreconcilable differences. Unfortunately they cannot say goodbye have a good life to one another. The two have five children together ages 3-15. Sorry to say this but Tracey Edmunds is set for life. I guess that's the benefits with sleeping with a celebrity.

Being Preggers has become the new black!!

Have you notice anything new with the female celebrities??...hmm alot of them seem to be getting pregnant lately. Whats going on??..Is there a shortage of protection now a days? Is there no time to pick up some "C's" before knocking the boots? Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Nicole Kidman are all preggers right now. If it were two weeks ago both Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie would be joining the other ladies on the pregnant list.

Nicole Richie gave birth to a baby girl, Halow Winter Kate Madden, on Saturday January 12th. Joel Madden stated that "she looks so much like her mom it's crazy! She eats like a maniac and she's really sweet." Just an hour later, Christina Aguilera welcomed a baby boy at 10:05 pm. She named him Max Liron Bratman. Congratulations to the two new mothers. Hopefully they won't follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears. I think they won't, they seem to have more sense.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Many of us may only think of Jessica Simpson as a divorced ditsy blond..but to my surprise she is much more than that. In fact she is a successful entrepreneur. If you did not know already she came out with an edible make up line and hair extensions line. However I have been attracted most to her line that carries her shoes and purses. Take a look at some of the items.

These simple but adorable pair of pumps are $69 and can be found at Macy's. This leather shoe has a heel that is 3-3/4 inches.

This elegant peep toe gold sandal looks like a red carpet ready shoe. Its 4-1/4 inch heel looks undeniably uncomfortable, but they are also undeniably cute. $89

This beaded clutch is only $68 and comes in black, red, pearl, yellow, and as shown in turquoise.
Hopefully you like what you see. There are many more items that you can get. I think Jessica has found what she is actually really good at.

What is going on?

Sorry people that I haven't posted anything new in a week..but I'm let me get started!!

The other night I went to the supermarket and just as I was about to get on line I saw Jamie Lynn Spears(Britney Spears little sister that is) on the cover of InTouch magazine. I ended up buying the issue. Now don't get me wrong..I'm not obsessed with this overrated Britney Spears Trauma nor about her 16 yr old pregnant sister. But something caught my attention that made me pay $2.99, and that was the twist to her story. Apparently Jamie Lynn was dumped by her boyfriend Casey, because he has been convinced that he is not the father of the baby. When I read that I went into shock. Who would ever think that Jamie was that "active"? So the question arises...who is potentially the father?? Well the answer might be the reason as to why Casey broke up with her. It has been a rumor that Jamie Lynn had an affair with a producer of her hit TV show Zoey 101, not to mention the producer is older then her. This doesn't sound good at all. So with her out of control sister and this unexpected pregnancy..what is going on with this family and where does the blame go?? Many have already pointed fingers to their mother, Lynne Spears. But is that really fair? There's only so much guidance a mother can give and so much responsibility she can take. Luckily Lynne Spears, the mother, plans to help out with Jamie's baby that's on the way. The fourth and final season of Zoey 101 is going to be aired as scheduled, but the future of Jamie Lynn is still questionable.